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Please download, fill, and print out the form and hand it to any MK Board Member.



Fill them out and turn it in with your money to your Trips Coordinator or any MK Board member. We are at the Memorial Union tables from 10:00am-2:00pm Monday through Friday. It is $35.00 for drivers and $45.00 for passengers before October 16. Drivers get dibs on beds. We will coordinate rides depending on your earliest time of departure from Davis. Don't let money be an issue with you not going. Talk to our treasurer Annie Yu if you need financial assistance. Call off that weekend from work now! You don't want to miss out on this once in a lifetime event!


It's not too late! We have Games and Roll Call practices out in the middle of the Quad from 4:00pm-7:00pm every week (Mon-Thurs) till Friendship Games weekend. You don't have to know anything, just a willingness to come out and meet us. Our games coaches and captains can teach you all the tips and tricks. If you prefer to dance, you can learn Roll Call. Or even cheer with us during SPUF. Come out to play with us while making friends! Even if you just want to hang out with us that's fine. They don't call it Friendship Games for nothing.

FG CORE 2015

Trips Coordinators:

Gabe Ricafrente
Derrick Tran

Head Games Coach:

Joel Ramirez

Assistant Games Coach:

Ryne Hirang

Alpine Green Captain:

Kristian Gintu

Big Groundhog Captain:

Adrian Cristobal

Conveyor Belt Captain:

Ruben Garcia

Nasty Captain:

BJ Bautista

Roll Call Choreographers:

Ashley Jones
Melanie Shem

SPUF Leaders:

Justin Tufono
Ashley Jones

SPUF cheer directors:

Annica Asilo
Almany Kabba


Matt Yasay

Click here to download the Friendship Games 2015 Form

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