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Adrian Ang


Abby is a fourth year Psychology (Bio emphasis) and Human Development double major, repping the 209 loud and proud. She is a little girl with big hair, the voice of a megaphone, and the heart of an introvert. She is a frequent concert-goer and coffee-shop-worker who enjoys loud music and going out just as much as she loves a one-on-one conversation with a new friend. On the side, she loves styling clothes, graphic design, smiling, naps, adventuring, driving around with windows down and music blasting, and eating (a lot). She will always accept gifts of fresh fruit and baked goods, so…. you know. Say hello when you see her!
Abby has served on MK Board in the past as a Public Relations Co-Chair (2013-14) and Secretary (2014-15), and was Public Relations Coordinator for the 2014 Filipinx Graduation Ceremony. Abby aspires to one day become a community psychologist and advocate for holistic health care in Asian American communities; and she believes that vision starts with serving her community in the FilAm.

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her
#WorkHardPlayHard #LookGoodFeelGood


Katherine Clavel

Vice President

Katherine Zon Clavel is a third year Film Studies and Scoiology-Organizational Studies double major from Pittsburg, California. 925 – AYEEEEE! She also goes by Kat or Katsby (Katsby? What Katsby?) or whatever you feel like calling her. Katherine enjoys taking long walks on the beach and hiking along the coasts of California (nature makes her feel a type of way). Aside from admiring the beauty of Mother Nature, watching anime, television, movies and playing videos games are some of her many, many passions. Her favorite game in the history of all video games is Final Fantasy X -- and if you’ve played it before, she already likes you. Kat loves social media, especially Twitter. Being the Vice President of MK is a position that’s very important to her and she wishes to use her position to make sure everyone feels as welcomed into UC Davis and the community as she had been her first year on campus. Katherine is also a sister of Kappa Psi Epsilon, the sisterhood that was able to help her find and use her voice, in both empowering womxn and herself. Don’t be afraid to approach her and call her on her cellphone, late night when you need her friendship! If you like to go 0 to 100 real quick, then you’re both bound to get along swell!

IG/Twitter: @kzdc

Annie Yu


Annie is a third year Human Development major with a minor in Psychology. She was born in Guam and raised in San Francisco and Walnut Creek, CA. 925 ayeee -- She loves to spend her days outdoors and adventuring but also loves to hang out with people! She also enjoys to bake desserts and play video games whenever she has free time yaaa. The FilAm community has greatly aspired her goals to be out there and continue developing knowledge and skills for the future. In the past, she has served on MK Board as Fundraising Chair (2014-2015) and Finances Coordinator for Fil-Grad 2015. She hopes to meet a lot of new faces and definitely looks forward to this coming year and serving this wonderful community she calls her family.

Instagram: @annieemall

Adrian Ang


Adrian is a third year Design major, who is growing to love Davis more and more each day because of the FilAm community. He's super into watching movies, listening to music, chillin' with good company, all-you-can-eat sushi buffets, thrift shops, and reppin' the 925. He's not so into people who don't signal when they change lanes, spiders, lightning, and people who bring down his vibe. As the Secretary for Mga Kapatid for the 2015-2016 school year, he wants to welcome members of the greater UC Davis community into the FilAm community, comprised of lifelong friends, mentors, and homies, as well as to both inspire and empower general and board members of the Filipinx American culture that serves as a guiding tenet for Mga Kapatid and the other FilAm organizations on campus. Don't be scared to shoot him a "hey!" or a "what's up" if you see him around campus; chances are, he's waiting for you to do so first. wink emoticon But if you do, beware: he probably won't hear you if he has his headphones in his ear.

Francesca Dolor

Academics Chair

Francesca Annelliese Dolor (call her Cheska though...LOL) is a third year psychology major with a double minor in Asian-American studies and community and regional development. Her ultimate goal is to get a doctorate degree and pursue a career in clinical psychology. She was born in the 510 but raised in Tracy, CA, the REAL cowtown. Most of her time is spent studying in coffee shops and writing in her planner, but when she's not doing school stuff, she loves hiking, instagramming (aye follow me, @cheskadolorrr ;D), spontaneous trips, trying new restaurants, and exploring music on sound cloud. If there's one thing you should know, it's that she is ADDICTED to boba and will always get boba in every town she visits. If you ever need her on campus, she's probably working at the CoHo or hanging out at the SRRC. Cheska is super passionate about student success, especially within the Fil-Am community! That being said, never hesitate to hit her up for study tips or if you need a friend to get boba/coffee and study with (or even if you just need a friend, she's down for that too!)
"Wake up early, stay up late, change the world."
IG/Snapchat: @cheskadolorrr

Brandan Nhan

Co-Big/Lil Sib Coord

Brandan, not Brandon, is a 2nd year Mathematical Analytics and Operations Research Major from Simi Valley, CA. He is super outgoing and isn't afraid to meet new people, well enjoys it actually, so don't be afraid to meet him! He's a hardworking and dedicated individual who is driven by his passion in dance, fitness, socializing, and learning. His hobbies include music, playing the guitar, making new friends, turning up, and adventuring. He spends most of his time trying to get his life together but it ends up working out. While his life is actually functioning, he dedicates his time to trying to do good in school and dancing. He's just looking forward to what this school year and Mga Kapatid has in store this upcoming year!

Jasmine Dayrit

Co-Big/Lil Sib Coord

Jasmine is a fourth year Clinical Nutrition major from Pacifica, CA (but tells everyone she's from Daly City because it's close enough). She's been involved in the Filipinx community since her earlier high school years and is part of a community organization called LAYA Migrante Youth, formally known as the Pilipino Youth Coalition of San Mateo County. She enjoys napping, netflix and chilling in the literal sense, and doing things when her friends tell her she isn't down. She's also known as Kawawa and Jasmine AF because of her quirkiness, vocabulary, and mannerisms. If you identify as a middle child, listen to hip hop, or if your favorite Disney movie is A Goofy Movie then you two will mos def get along. Don't be afraid to say hi if you see her and her RBF on campus, especially if her glasses are off since she's probably just squinting to see your face better.

Arianna Dela Rosa

Community/Cultural Chair

Hey everyone! Her name is Arianna and she is Mga Kapatid's Community Cultural Chair/API Representative! Currently a 3rd year Managerial Economics Major with a minor in Textiles and Clothing, she is hoping to someday work in either the music, fashion, or entertainment industry! Born and raised in the heart of Los Angeles and totally in love with it. She have dreams of traveling, singing, going to concerts, leaving near the beach, and eating endless amount of sushi and fries. Her existence lives off of bad jokes and puns. Do not be fooled be her size. Ariana's dreams, motivations and passions are as high as the stars above.

Rheanna Ostrea

Fundraising Chair

Rheanna Lynn Ostrea is a second year from Daly City, CA. She is currently undeclared in mathematical and physical sciences but is planning to enter computer science or engineering. She also plans to minor in Asian American Studies. Her hobbies include watching TV shows on Netflix (like One Tree Hill) , reading books, and fangirling over 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction. She loves to drink boba (especially Tpumps) and go out to try new dessert places. She likes to meet new people so don't be afraid to say hi!

"It's been said that we just don't recognize the significant moments of our lives while they are happening."

Instagram/Twitter: @rheannnaalynnn

Matthew Yasay


Matthew Yasay is a second year Managerial Economics major from Sacramento (ayyyy 916) who usually goes by Matt. He usually enjoys taking pictures, making vlogs, hanging out with friends, grabbing a bite to eat, or doing random adventures. Honestly, he's down with the get down... for the most part. If you see him around campus, he probably has a RBF, but trust, he isn't that mean when you actually talk to him. Once Matt is comfortable with you he'll probably be loud and all over the place. He is really excited to be your Historian and capture those kodak moments (ayyyyyeeee) Don't be afraid to say "Hey, what's up, hello" when you see him around!

IG: @mattyasay
Twitter: @xmattchoo

Noelle Bondoc

MK Choir Rep

Noelle is a third year (soon to be) Human Development major who grew up in Concord, California. She reps the 925 all day erryday. Noelle enjoys doing things like spending time with loved ones, sleeping, playing tennis, singing, watching Steven Universe, and eating. She also loves with anything Disney (except for post-Wizards-of-Waverly-Place-Disney-Channel), so one of her favorite places of all time is Disneyland.
Growing up, Noelle cultivated her passion for music through joining school choirs, orchestras, and marching band. As this year's MK Choir Rep, Noelle hopes to help others who share the same passion express themselves and hopefully find a family—not only within MK Choir—but within the whole Fil-Am community as well. :) Speaking of the rest of the Fil-Am, Noelle is also a sister of Kappa Psi Epsilon, aka THE best and realest sisterhood ever!!
Because Noelle strongly believes that everything happens for a reason, one of Noelle’s main goals is to live life with no regrets. That’s why you can always find her around campus talking/laughing/having a good time with the people around her. She loves meeting new people and is very friendly right off the bat, so if you see her around don't be afraid to say hello!

"Sometimes God delivers you from the fire; other times He makes you fireproof and puts you through the fire."
Instagram: @noellebondoc
Twitter: @BondocNoelle

Ashley Jones

MK Modern Rep

Ashley Jones is a third year Human Development major with a Spanish minor. She hopes to one day become a nurse if she is unable to pursue her true dream job of being Beyoncé. She enjoys eating, sleeping, and dancing, and in her free time, she is most likely learning lyrics to popular rap songs. Some of her talents include unintentional sarcasm, spelling words backwards, and motivating you to love yourself. She’s always down for food and friendship (and strongly believes that the two go hand-in-hand), so don’t be afraid to hit her up whenever you’re in need of a shoulder to cry on and/or have an unexplainable craving for chicken wings. Coming all the way from Sacramento, CA, she considers Davis to be her home away from home and is truly grateful for the Fil-Am community and the MK Modern fam.

Instagram: @itsayyjayy

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Lindsay Antonio

MK Vintage Rep

Lindsay Antonio is a second year NPB from Long Beach, CA who never had an annual Disneyland pass. Her favorite hobbies are eating, loving and praying. She has an old soul in music. You can also bribe her with jelly beans or scare her with cinnamon and mint. As the MK Vintage Rep, she hopes to influence you into trying out some traditional Filipino dances and getting to know the history behind it. Don’t worry if you’re too shy to approach her because there’s a higher probability that she has already approached you first.

As thegoodquote says, “Sometimes all you have to do is forget what you feel and remember what you deserve.”

IG: @mkvintagedancetroupe

Almany Kabba

PCN Coord

Almany Kabba is a fourth-year human development major who enjoys horrible Puns and pick up lines. He's from Stockton "209 all day" and now resides in Davis as a part of the Fil-Am community. His hobbies include dancing, DJ-ing, playing videogames, loves staying home on a rainy day, cooking, and singing in the shower. He loves people and is very caring so when he found the Fil-am last year, he fell in love. As a trips coord, he wants to make sure everyone has fun and become friends. He is a very outgoing person and loves to meet new people so don't be shy to say hi.

Annica Asilo

PCN Coord

Annica is a fourth year Human Development major with a minor in education. She’s a huge puppy enthusiast, who secretly dreams of being an ice skater for Disney on ice. Annica has been in love with the Fil Am community since her first year at UC Davis. During her second year, she joined MK Board as the Balitaan Editor, and participated greatly in Friendship Games as SPUF director and leader. Her third year she joined the fabulous WE-Board as Vice President. This year she embarks on a new journey along side her co PCN Coordinators to put on a production to inspire both participants and audience members alike. Annica is a weird-spirited soul, and loves being weird with others. So come say hi, be weird, have fun, be her friend. she loves friends.

“Do things with passion or not at all.”


Elena Nicdao

PCN Coord

Elena Marie Nicdao is a fourth year Human Development major who hopes to pursue a career in pediatrics. She enjoys spontaneous adventures, exploring nature, admiring beautiful views like city lights, getting to know people and taking naps with her dog Asia. She greatly cares for her friends, family and community and will do what she can to help others. Her passion for helping those in her community led her to being MK's Academics Chair, Treasurer and the FilGrad Logistics Chair. Say hi to her when you see her and she'll greet you with a huge smile and a loud, "HI!"

"She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future." Proverbs 31:25


Kimi Villaroman

Public Relations

Hello MK, and welcome to Krystienne's bio. Krystienne Delarosa is a second year Managerial Economics major, currently from SoCal living in the middle of the desert. She has lived in 3 different countries, 3 different states, and 7 different cities. In a nutshell her spirit animal is Tina from Bob's Burgers. Krystienne enjoy spending money she doesn't have on boba, binge watching TV shows, photography, admiring the view, hitting the Quan, and obsessing over Niall Horan.Her personality type is ISFJ. Krystienne can do the impossible aka she can lick her elbow. Also if you see her wearing sunglasses, 99% of the time she is wearing them over her regular glasses.

Follow her on twitter (@delahrozaa) and ig (@aznkid5)

Joel Ramirez

Sports Coord

Joel is a 3rd year Economics and Communications major with a minor in everything fun. Born straight from the motherlands AKA Philippines, he moved to the United States and grew up in SoCal where he would start his new journey. He likes playing basketball, watching anime, playing video games, going on spontaneous adventures (ask me to hang out), and being with friends. He is an avid believer in having fun and spreading positivity to keep the good vibes going. He is very outspoken and tends to be louder than he should be, but he doesn't bite. Talk to him if you see him on campus or say hi because he enjoys seeing people and talking to them. He is also your Sports Coordinator so talk to him about anything sports and come chill or work out with him in the arc. He is very laidback so don't be shy and holla at ya boy.

Derrick Tran

Co-Trips Coord

Derrick Tran is a 3rd year transfer student from Vacaville, CA. He transferred from Solano Community College as a Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior major to pursue a career in anesthesiology. He enjoys playing sports, playing music, puppies, going on spontaneous adventures throughout the city or through nature, and chilling with friends.He's down to do nearly anything you ask him. He likes to randomly dance and loves to meet new people so don't be afraid to say hi.

"Live life like you traveled back in time and this is your chance to change everything." -Ryanimay

Gabe Ricafrente

Co-Trips Coord

Gabe Ricafrente is a fourth year Exercise Bio major pursuing a career in the Forensics field. He likes massages, hikes, and stargazing. On campus, you can find him driving your bus, gymming at the ARC, or eating a taco salad at the MU CoHo. His favorite chicken wing flavors are Parmesan-garlic, Teriyaki, and "San Tung." As Trips Co-Coordinator, Gabe also sucks at bowling.

Nicole Adellie Uychiat


Nicole is a second year NPB major born and raised in San Francisco (or Daly City), CA and she doesn't have a life. Occasionally when she does have a life, she enjoys rooting passionately for the San Francisco 49ers, Giants, and most especially the Golden State Warriors - yay #DubNation! She also enjoys treat yo' self days, boba, penguins, puppies, cheesy puns, traveling, and the color maroon. Nicole is always down to hang out with friends and family doing whatever whenever wherever.

She's looking forward to being on MK Board this upcoming school year and hopes to inspire as well as be inspired by the beautiful faces of the FilAm (#TMF). Ja feelz?


SpongeBob SquarePants

Public Relations

SpongeBob is a fourth year political science major with a minor in Asian American Studies. He is also a Unitrans driver and has a pet snail named Gary. Hobbies include jellyfishing, singing songs around the campfire, and staying hydrated.

SpongeBob is sadly leaving MK Board, but he wants you to apply for his position of Public Relations. Submit your application so that Spongebob will be happy. You know you want to.

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